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User Testimonials

We could write pages and pages about the quality and value of COBRA Solutions products, but we think that you would rather hear what our customers think...

"The Cobra Administration Manager is the most user friendly program I have ever used. I currently have approximately 100 people on COBRA and this program simplifies my tasks of tracking their time frames and payments, etc. I highly recommend this package for any COBRA Administrator that deals with a large group of people. Customer support is always easy to reach, friendly and very helpful. I get all updates over the internet, so I never have to worry about not being up to date with the ever changing laws. Thank you and keep up the great work at COBRA Solutions!"

Suzanne Joiner
Local 445 Welfare Fund
Newburgh, NY

"Program is very easy to use - all that's required from me is to enter the employee information when required and the program does the rest! I'd recommend it to anyone. In fact when we had the chance to move to an outside service, I saw no purpose in it, there was nothing to gain, because the same information that I input is the same information that I'd have to supply to the service and then I wouldn't really have any control over it. This way I'm in control and know what's happening."

Cherie Thomas
Western Reserve Academy
Hudson, OH

"I have been working with this COBRA system for 3 years. In the past I have worked on other systems and there is no comparison. This is the best COBRA system available today. We consider it our little secret. It is simple to use and very dependable. What else can I say. It is the best system out there and thanks for making my job much easier. Its nice to have a COBRA system you can count on."

Juliet Schiffer
Benefit Strategies
Pottstown, PA

"As a Payroll/Benefits Manager, I don't think I would be able to administer our COBRA without COBRA Solutions. It is a simple-to-use program and does all the work for me. I have reminders when a payment is past due; when a participant's COBRA term is coming to an end; when new information must be updated. The monthly newsletters are filled with valuable information to keep me updated on the COBRA law changes. And I don't need to worry about being in compliance -- the program does all the work and is continually updated to keep up with the latest changes. I would recommend this program to anyone who is in charge of their company COBRA compliance."

Karen Figueroa
John Knox Village of Florida, Inc.
Pompano Beach, FL

"I have used the COBRA Solutions software since 1998 and can not imagine life without it. This program and the newsletters help you keep up with all the changes to the COBRA laws and regulations and with the frequent upgrades it takes no time to implement those changes. The software is easy to use, and has everything you need to create notifications and track your COBRA compliance efforts. I believe COBRA Solutions is one of the best administration software on the market."

Sandy Scheinost
Three Eagles Communications
Lincoln, NE

"Compliance, up to the minute updates, confidence and every form you might need available, in one easy to use package, COBRA Solutions has been a blessing."

Linda Lewis
Holiday Homes, Inc.
Milford, OH

"When I started at PVC, there were 20 employees and now 5 years late we have over 60. This software helps me with reminders, letters and most of all keeping us legal. This allows me to focus on other aspects of human resources. I am so thankful for this tool especially since human resources is not my strongest area."

Danielle Johnston
Paradise Valley Christian School
Phoenix, AZ

"I absolutely love my COBRA Solutions program. It took all the guesswork out of what was due, when it was due and reminds me of what I need to do! I recommend the program to everyone. I would pay for this program out of my own pocket if my organization could not afford it. That's how much it has made my work easier."

Susan Tombridge
Epworth Children & Family Services
St. Louis, MO

"The COBRA solutions software has made COBRA administration extremely easy. The software is easy to use, easy to update, and makes it easy to stay up to date on the ever-changing COBRA laws. I have given this software my complete trust in administering our COBRA program."

Teri Anderson
Inter-Coastal Electronics, Inc
Mesa, AZ

"I find this software package to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. As long as our data is entered, the system does the thinking for does the reminding too, what more can I ask for?

Love it!"

Rosanne Pascascio
Cole Taylor Bank
Des Plaines, IL

"Since administering COBRA is only one part of my job I would have to make keeping track of the latest updates to the regulations a priority. COBRA Solutions does it for me. I get an email alerting me that there are changes to be made, I update the software via the Internet and I never have to worry about not being in compliance. It's a huge weight of responsibility off my shoulders."

Irene Liberty
Albany, NY

"Our company has grown significantly in recent years and this growth, along with our need to stay abreast of compliance issues relating to COBRA, sent us on the search for a software program to handle what we were outgrowing. After attending a couple of seminars I was introduced to COBRA Solutions, I accepted the trial offer and couldn't believe the ease of using this program, so we purchased it. I am always waiting for the bottom to drop out because that is what has happened in the past with like products. To this day however, COBRA Solutions has done nothing but impress me more each year; from timely updates, to ongoing communication, to very knowledgeable support staff attending to the helpline, COBRA Solutions has never let us down. We are now working on integrating with in-house information to eliminate duplicate work, and our IT department is as impressed with the CS staff product as I am. Thanks"

Sharon Van Kilsdonk
North Phoenix, AZ

You product has been a life saver. It has freed my time and my accuracy rate. Your reports are Great! I can click and in a matter of seconds I can find the information I neeed. It is so user friendly that it only took me less than an hour to learn and begin Using. It is also the most affordable product on the market!Thank you!!"

Dolores Smith
CompEndium Serivces Inc.
Lawrenceville, GA

To keep current on COBRA administration, I need software that's intuitive and service reps that are knowledgeable and dependable. COBRA Solutions fits the bill. Thanks for providing a high value product and service that perform as advertised.

John Rudd
Cole, Cole & Easley, P. C.
Victoria, TX

"I have been using your COBRA Administrator for over 20 months now and can truthfully say that without it, our 700+ employees, and especially me, would be in a very big mess. It's like having an extra employee or two on staff just to be sure that all the notices, letters, payments, etc are getting done on time and correctly. You have all the necessary COBRA information, reports, election forms, plan documents, letters, account data, back-up documents, etc at your fingertips instantly. I haven't had this much help from one program, ever. It's a GOD SENT gift that I just stumbled onto and I wouldn't give it up now for love or money."

Gene Tonkovic
President Casino
St. Louis, MO

"The COBRA Solutions program has reduced the number of hours our university spent on COBRA administration in half! The purchase was well worth the initial investment."

Kimberly Mangum-Ross
Seton Hall University
South Orange, NJ

"We have approx 250 employees who are laid off every year and this software helps control the administration costs and is a life saver for tracking the late payments."

Tracy Hutchinson
PA Landers
Hanover, MA

"I love this software. I self administer and have used this system for 4 years. I liked so much, that I convinced my new company to bring it in. It takes all the thought and tracking out of the process and manages it for you. My favorite feature is the billing generation. It isn't required, but it's a nice feature to assist my employees that elect COBRA."

Kim Small
Stenbarr Medical, Inc.
Tampa, FL

"COBRA Solutions has certainly made our COBRA process easier and less painful. The software is easy to operate and makes the COBRA process easier as well. COBRA Solutions has been on the ball with the DOL changes and with updates to all of the notifications. I am able to track payments and billings with ease, and the reports are very helpful.

The few times I have had to call or email with a question the customer support people have been very helpful."

Karen Lam
Harrisonburg City Public Schools
Harrisonburg, VA

"I have been using COBRA Solutions, Inc. since 1998 and it has become my best friend in the work place. By that I mean that I do not have to worry about being compliant with notifications and/or tracking requirements. As we do not use a TPA I was always wondering if I had missed an update memo or new regulation notification before I was authorized to purchase the COBRA Solutions, Inc. software. Now I know that as long as I do my part with following the Things to Do list and maintaining my Annual Maintenance Agreement I will always have the most updated notifications and will be compliant in notifying any current of former employees of their rights on a timely basis. I would, and do, highly recommend the COBRA Solutions, Inc. software to anyone that is responsible for employee notifications. This software has definitely made my job, and life, easier."

Anjie Leathers
Missouri Farm Bureau
Jefferson City, MO

"COBRA Solutions software has been an invaluable resource to me! Whether you have 5 or 50 people on COBRA coverage, this software is a great tool to keep you organized and on top of all the requirements. I love the prewritten letters with the ability to easily customize those letters, and find the automatic reminders or "to-do" lists, makes sure that I am keeping on top of all the events which require my attention and in a timely manner. I receive any legal updates so I know I am always legally compliant. I recommend this software to all HR Professional colleagues of mine!"

Amy Yasneski
Phillips Corporation
Columbia, MD

"As a third party administrator, our organization has not only increased in efficiency but also in our growth due to the COBRA software provided by COBRA Solutions. We now have the time needed to spend following up with new leads. The software is user friendly and it is a great feeling knowing that our documents are fully compliant. We highly recommend COBRA Solutions for their COBRA software!"

Tamara Parr
COBRA Administration & Health Services, Inc.
North Kingstown, RI

"As the Human Resource Manager of 125 employees I've personally used COBRA Solutions software. I appreciate the simple to use format and have been satisfied with the program's functions, guidance, and customer service since my first use. COBRA Solutions has maintained the software with revisions and upgrades necessary to help keep us compliant. When the rare need for technical assistance comes about they have readily responded to our needs and promptly resolved any issues. A number of times I have eagerly recommended the product to those in the HR field that I network with and would gladly recommend it again."

John W. Garner
Torca Products, Inc.
Auburn Hills, MI

"Thanks for developing a product that is so effortless to use. COBRA Administration Manager tracks our COBRA participants and our retirees and has been a measurable timesaver. We have customized some of the letters and the built in reports provide us with quick reference information. We really appreciate the TO DO list! We highly recommend the COBRA Administration Manager."

Mary Ann Heine
Howard County Government
Ellicott, MD

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